Report for 2003 | 2003-4

Dear Prayer Partners, Supporters and Friends of this Ministry:

The older I get and the longer I minister, the more I realize that being called of God to preach the Gospel, to sound the call to prayer and try to prepare the Church for revival means that I am into a ministry that is infinitely beyond my abilities – I am in “way over my head.” I’m sure this realization has caused me to adopt the apostle Paul’s testimony in II Cor. 3:5-6 as my prayer and confidence as I go from place to place: “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves … but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

While I know that my sufficiency is from God, I realize that He has raised up a growing company of intercessors and a good number of financial contributors to make up this sufficiency. Without God and without you, this ministry is nothing. But even though I said it last year, I must say it again this year: In this my 56th year of ministry, I am finishing the year of 2003 in the greatest anointing of the Holy Spirit that I have ever known. To God be the glory! And thanks to each one of you who prayed, gave offerings and encouraged me in this ministry on Prayer, Revival and Holiness!

Meetings. Despite the most cancellations and altered dates in any year of our ministry, we conducted 21 events: 11 Schools of Prayer, 6 Revival Mtgs, 2 Pastoral Institutes, 1 Camp Mtg and 1 Commencement Address. Three of these events occurred abroad: a pastor’s conference in India, a commencement address in India, and a School of Prayer in Jamaica.

Ministries. In addition to the meetings, the other operations of Christian Renewal Ministries have continued. Under the efficient leadership of Rachel Kuhn, our office here in Dothan, Alabama has continued to publish the quarterly Christian Renewal Journal and is mailed to several thousand people over the world. Our Radio Program A Word On Revival continues to be heard in Virginia, West Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and worldwide over the internet. (We had to cut back a few years ago and run this program on only those stations that would either run it free or find a sponsor, since we were not financially able to maintain it). The Big Sky House of Prayer has made some strides forward this year under the directorship of Vanessa McMurray. A location in Belgrade, Montana (10 miles west of Bozeman) was purchased and prepared for teaching and practicing intercessory prayer, and a growing number of people are meeting there three times each week. The Books & Tapes ministry had its best year in 2003, with The Spirit of Prayer getting a good reception in all parts of the country. A new edition of the School of Prayer Workbook is now off the press and in use in the seminars. A new audio album edition will soon be available. I, and no one associated with me, realized a few years ago what an impact our Website <> would make on thousands of people all over the world. I wish all of you could read our mail and see the influence of this ministry! The Lord has provided faithful and dedicated men and women such as you to pray for and support with financial giving so as to make all this possible. It is the purpose of this correspondence today to recognize both the divine and human factors in this wonderful year of ministry; to praise the Lord for His faithful anointing, and to thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and in giving.

For the Future. As usual, I ask that you allow me to list the important issues we want to share with our partners in ministry as we face 2004. I know you will take these matters seriously to the Throne of Grace with me.

More Intercessors. I thank God for everyone of you, but I am praying for a thousand more like you who are committed to intercede day and night for all facets of this ministry (meetings, publishing, radio, website, and the Big Sky House of Prayer).

Open Doors. It is vitally important that we be in those areas and churches where the Holy Spirit is welcome and free and for me to be able to sense, as did the apostle Paul, when the Spirit would have us decline an invitation and wait on another open door (Acts 16:6-9).

Health and Safety. I rejoice that my health continues to hold up, though the doctors have increased my diabetes medication. Otherwise I have had the energy for traveling and the inspiration for praying, studying and preaching and teaching. My wife Maxine has not been well over the past year and has needed increased attention from her physician as well as increased medications.

A Double Portion of the Spirit’s Anointing. I have been feeling over the last few weeks that in facing the new year of 2004 I should ask the Lord for “a double portion” of His Spirit’s anointing. This is what Elisha requested of Elijah before his departure for heaven. Given the increased opposition of the Satanic forces and their subtle end-time strategies for compromising and defeating God’s servants, I feel my need of the extra wisdom and boldness and power for the year ahead. I know these things will only come through prayer – mine and yours! I plead for your prayer coverage for study, for travel, for scheduling, for traveling, for preaching and teaching.

The financial needs of Christian Renewal Ministries. I am so completely convinced that God has called me into the ministries of prayer and revival that I am literally pouring my life into it. And that includes all the money I can trust God for. I know this work is worthy of my financial sacrifice, and before I can ask others to support me I know that I must myself be making financial investments in this work. So I am asking the Lord to so own this ministry that all that you and I pour into it financially will become an investment (“treasures laid up in heaven”) to be rewarded us in that Day. So please give careful attention to the enclosed commitment card. It will be a personal encouragement to me to receive your card whether with a one-time gift or a pledge of a monthly amount throughout 2004. These cards will be reminders that I am not in this work alone.

Your partnership in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and calling the nations to prayer in preparation for Last-days Revival is deeply appreciated as a gift from the Lord. Please include your prayer requests on the back of your cards and we will exchange prayers across the New Year, expecting God to do “the great and mighty things” He has promised!


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