Reviewing the Outgoing Year | 2012-1


Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners! (Song of Solomon 6:10).

Throughout my sixty-five years of ministry, I’ve prayed to see the Solomonic vision of a Spirit-inflamed army of God emerge in the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit to march forth in the glory of God and claim the multitudes in the valleys of decision. I caught a glimpse of this vision in the revival fires that swept me into the Kingdom of God in southeastern Arkansas in 1946. In Kentucky in 1948, my friend John K. Summers and I saw the glory of God sweep a rural community on the banks of the Cumberland River. Then for six weeks in 1950, we saw the glory of God move upon his people in Indiana and rally them for a period of praise and spiritual harvest of souls. In California in 1970, the fires of the Asbury Revival touched us for a short time in Pasadena.

But I confess that for several years I felt and saw little of the vision of Solomon in my ministries. To this day, I praise Him for the awakening God gave me in 1986. On a cold November day, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that God wanted to do three things for me: (1) Fill me afresh with the Spirit, (2) Teach me to pray, and (3) Show me revival.

From 1986 through 1993, we prayed and taught prayer warfare to others and saw a seven-year revival. On a glorious weekend during a camp meeting in Summersville, West Virginia, God called me to give the rest of my years to seeking Him for revival. I’ve been in 40 states here in the U.S. and in several countries on four continents seeking God’s glory in revival. Not every meeting reached the spiritual level worthy of the term “revival,” but my heart has leaped for joy on numerous occasions when the Holy Spirit visited us with His miraculous, transforming, life-giving presence! Such times have made my heart only more hungry for times of refreshing when holy winds blow, holy fires burn, and holy rivers flow!

And now as an octogenarian, I still long for the pouring out of His holy presence.

Looking back on the year now closing, I praise God for His faithfulness to bless His Word and His willingness to meet His people when they are humble, prayerful, and obedient.

Throughout 2011, Shirley and I have conducted Schools of Prayer and Revival services in Alabama, Kentucky, Montana, New York, and Michigan. In each event we saw and felt God’s glory and saw victory in most of the places.

Much of the year was spent finishing the book ESTELLE, a novel based on the actual events of the 1946 sweeping revival in Arkansas County, which was prayed to pass by my mother, Estelle, and other prayer partners. I felt I should make the book into a story of the lives of my dear parents, Jim and Estelle Tharp, and show the glory of God in their spiritual journey. I sincerely believe Estelle is a good model for modern believers to become living sacrifices in prayer. May God grant an “Estelle anointing” to thousands of us at this late hour!

I am indebted to many of you who have stood by Christian Renewal Ministries with fervent prayer and faithful financial giving. Please prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do throughout 2012. Enclosed are commitment cards, and I hope each of you will feel led of the Lord to join Shirley and me in our commitments of time and finance to go wherever the Lord leads to minister the Gospel and call His people back to Upper Room intercession for Revival.

On the back of those cards, share with us your prayer requests. I enjoy praying for those churches you list and those members of your family who need salvation, renewal, or a physical touch from the Lord.

And please follow our schedules and cover us in prayer as we travel here and there to conduct Schools of Prayer and Revival services and teach on the Holy Spirit.

I praise the Lord for my wife, Shirley! She’s everything the Lord promised when He led us together more than two years ago — a loving wife, a discerning prayer partner, a tireless travel partner, an immaculate housekeeper, and a beautiful Christlike lady.

My son Steve Tharp is a tremendous help in many areas.

I am indebted to so many who stand with us: Pris Larsen, my daughter, who serves as my executive administrator. Pris is efficient, prompt, and thorough in all that she does to keep us on track as advisor, bookkeeper, editor, and errand girl.

Susan Hill is a faithful board secretary, who helps us keep records and hold to our purposes as the Spirit leads us.

I am grateful for the prayers, support, and counsel of our couples on our Christian Renewal Board of Directors: Greg & Rena Donaldson, Gail & Betty Fremont, Duncan & Susan Hill, and Kyle & Vanessa McMurray.

Two years ago we regretted the resignations of Ben & Ruth Ann Smith from our board. Thankfully, they continue to pray for this ministry and support it financially. More recently we received the resignations of David & Marilyn Bos. We miss these two couples, but are thankful for their prayers and good will.

* * * * *

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May the God who has made you a new creation in Christ, who gives you each new day, and who gives you a new song in your heart, Bless you with a new year full of new moments of intimacy with Him.

Happy New Year from the Christian Renewal Staff

Jim & Shirley Tharp and Pris Larsen

* * * * *

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